Something Bugging You?

​As spring approaches we can look forward to colorful flowers, sunny days, and Termites?

Although Termites are usually one of our unseen pest each spring theSubterranean Termites swarm out of the ground reproduce and form new colonies. When a homeowner sees Swarming Termites it naturally causes concern. Although the actual Termite swarm or evidence of the swarm may indicate a Termite colony is nearby it does not necessarily mean you have a Termite infestation in your home.

Deerbrook Exterminating

Deerbrook Exterminating provides pest control service to Kingwood and surrounding areas. Bill Beaty the owner/operator has over 35 years pest control experience.Our service area continues to grow with our local communities, if you don't see your area please call our office at 281-358-7378.